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? For the development of enterprises, Nike founder Philip Knight once said this to say: "The secret of business success are included in it three issues: how to win more attention than its competitors from the customer and love? How can I always do this? How can we most efficiently do this? " these three questions, Nike does give a perfect answer. In 1976, when the Olympic Games debut Nike, with annual sales of less than $ 30 million. But 15 years later, its sales volume reached 30 billion US dollars, together with Adidas to become the leading brand of athletic footwear market. Many market experts believe that Nike's success is mainly due to three factors: the innovative product design, strong sales network and guide the movement of f cheap foamposites ashion advertising. But I believe that, in addition to these three factors, there is an equally important success factors: Nike as a brand, from the birth of the first day, the average person's exercise filled with a special interest and concern Humane Care. brand of charm source From the marketing principle that the brand is a symbol to reflect the value of the enterprise customer. Whether abroad or at home, a good brand so that the target customers have some memorable and hard competitors to imitate the personalized value. The degree of product homogeneity increasingly competitive environment, the personalized value can not only create a distinct differentiation advantages, but can win more attention and love from customers. Cheap air jordans for sale So, this is how personalized value created? First of all, this personalized brand value comes from business-to-customer interest and understanding of the unique discovery. With this unique discovery and understanding of business will produce a unique customer value proposition, the product will produce unique and innovative design, the care to get unique benefits to meet. The connotation of the brand is such a unique customer value proposition. Philips is the world famous brand home appliances market. It's customer value proposition is "science and technology people-oriented." Under the command of the values, Philips appliance products, though as many as a thousand, but they exhibit the same characteristics: high technology content Retro jordans for sale , good quality, very easy to use. Second, the customer value proposition not only to care for the specific interests of its customers, but also to give them a deeper humane care. In this regard, the Nike brand operation can give us profound enlightenment. Nike Inspiration late 1970s, the United States is in a "conceited era." Compared to the previous generation, the new generation of better-educated, more affluent life, but also the pursuit of a more self-centered values. In the US, every sports stars is considered a successful self-miracle. Nike keen to find a new generation of thought tend to launch a large number of sports stars advertising. In the ad, did not let the sports stars who wear Nike shoes to run around, but most a cheap jordans for sale re a true representation of the moments of their struggle. This unique self-worth caring deeply infected with the new generation. Thus, from the baseball field to the city streets, everywhere there has been wearing Nike shoes fitness family. In the 1990s, American society has undergone new changes: the self-worship of enthusiasm gradually receded, people have become more concerned about the real self. Nike once again keen to find this change. Although the protagonist or sports star most of advertising, but has not the kind of superhuman qualities, they like people did in feeling pressure, confusion or even failure. "Justdoit" become a faith, has become the people in stress and confusion inspirational creed. This again gives people a Cheap air jordan 12 ovo deep concern of self-worth. In contrast domestic sports products advertising. In addition to Li Ning brand in the performance of a customer care efforts, other brands boast almost all the stars in aid of their own products. If a brand full of unique customer care, you can get more attention and love from customers. Conversely, if a brand is full of product ego, the same customer would like to avoid the narcissistic turn away. Sports products so, IT products so that any product so.Comme Des Garcons launched a new series of wallets for X'MAS, all silver wallets, a total of four models, but also printed on the wallet a lot of text. Also CdG Series classic. download (37.99, KB) download (23.93 KB) download (35.71 KB) download (38.5 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping KB) recent Vans Vault launched 2010 autumn winter Buffalo Boot All Weather LX shoes, outdoor elements into high help skateboards shoes, there are three colors released, and soon will be landing monopoly channels.A new member of the summer white shoes series of upcoming JordanBrand! This pair of AirJordan13Low "PurePlatinum" silver color will be held on May 20th, is this Saturday officially on sale, Chinese area will certainly synchronize shelves, priced at $1299RMB! The 13 generation of shoes low to help more flexible more clever, plus white shoe refreshing dress, more suitable for summer dress collocation. The delicate texture of white leather, suede collocation of silver, to bring rich and delicate details of the performance. Th cheap jordans online e classic charm of AirJordan13 reduction, it is extremely pleasing the vitality of dress, this Saturday's sale is definitely worthy of attention! number 310810-100/310811-100 (GS) release date: May 20th market analyst Matt Powell recently officially announced the 2016 American best selling shoes Top 10 from this list, from research firm NPD data can be found in Adidas Originals's classic shoes Superstar beat the pack won the first prize, and this is the Nike for the first time in 10 years defending failure. But the consolation is that Converse and Nike's Jordan brand and won the remaining 9 seats. Let us take a look at this list, you do not know the gym shoes on the foot is selected? 1. Adidas Originals Superstar 2. Air Jordan X cheap jordan shoes for men II 3. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low 4. Nike Roshe Run 5. Nike Huarache 6. Nike Revolution 7. Nike Free RN 8. Air Jordan XI 9. Nike Air Force 1 Low 10. Nike Kyrie 2Nike LeBron 12 Heart of to a Lion officially on sale, opened a new chapter in LeBron 12, this pair of shoes is also accompanied by the latest LeBron LeBron officially into the actual game, enough to prove this and I have a near perfect run in LeBron. Next, let us see the Nike and the upcoming Nike LeBron 12. item: 684593-301 release date: December 1st nike-lebron-12-NSRL-release-date.jpg (121.98 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 release of 2014-11-6 09:55 upload nike-lebron-12-NSRL-release-date-3.jpg (188.39 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Retro jordans for sale LeBron 12 release of 2014-11-6 09:57 upload nike-lebron-12-NSRL-release-date-5.jpg (123.31 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 release of 2014-11-6 09:57 upload nike-lebron-12-NSRL-release-date-1.jpg (130.99 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 release of 2014-11-6 09:57 upload nike-lebron-12-NSRL-release-date-4.jpg (136.48 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 release of 2014-11-6 09:57 upload nike-leb0 in 2007, the "National Conference on excellence" was held on November 26th morning at Jingxi Hotel in Beijing. The theme of this conference is "quality, social responsibility - promoting international competitiveness"". At the meeting, Kangnai Group Co. Ltd., Chengdu aircraf cheap jordans for sale mens t industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Weichai Power Limited by Share Ltd and other 7 companies were awarded the highest award -- the "national management of national quality award". Kangnai group is currently the national shoe industry is the only winner of the enterprise, is following the CHINT, Delixi after the third award of the Wenzhou enterprises. Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the NPC, Chen Bangzhu, President of the China Quality Association, and President of the China Light Industry Federation, Chen Shineng attended the meeting and presented prizes to the winning enterprises. it is reported that the national quality award is the highest award Chinese management field, like the American Baldrige Award, European Quality Award, the Japanese Deming prize, awarded only to the country made outstanding business performance excellence. 20 years ago, Wenzhou shoe because of quality problems and the market was rejected; 20 years later, Kangnai through continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, casting quality and credibility of the the Great Wall, got the highest honor of the national quality management field. Chinese Light Industry Federation President Chen Shineng believes that Kangnai acquired the China shoes the first national quality award, is an important crossing of Wenzhou shoe industry, it means that the Wenzhou shoe enterprises management level walk at the forefront of the industry; at the same time also will China sustainable development of light industry play a leading and exemplary role. President Chen Bangzhu called Chinese Quality Association, Kangnai, firm and indomitable work, today's award is well deserved; at the same time he tells Kangnai: excellence is only the beginning, not the end, hope this pattern continued to promote Kangnai, the pursuit of excellence, striving for world famous brands. it is reported that, since 2001, Kangnai began to import excellent performance management model. After several years of hard work, the level of enterprise management has been greatly improved, and the operation performance has been remarkably increased. The "National Quality Award Evaluation Committee believes that Kangnai attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture, the visionary and pragmatic spirit in the direction of enterprise development, reflects the times, pioneers and innovation strategy, the establishment of an effective domestic market sales network and good customer relations, people-oriented values, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the company established a perfect information management system, a strong R & D and manufacturing strength, for the modernization of enterprise management and achieve the strategic goal of guarantee. Kangnai Group Chairman Zheng Xiukang told reporters, 27 years, Kangnai has won dozens of industry first, and achievements of today's Chinese shoes enterprises first national quality award. But grades are always in the past, face to face

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